About Us

Greetings from Zero Point Risk—your number 1 reference for relevant risk management information. Our team gives high regards to providing our readers with useful and relevant data. We firmly believe that proper education is the best solution for issues regarding risk in information technology (IT) , hence we want to provide you with the best readership experience possible.

Given the complex nature of our work, we wish to employ both clarity and simplicity in imparting information on our website. It is our mission to be of use to people belonging to different sectors of society. With this, we hope to develop a unique relationship with our clients, as we firmly believe such is critical in deriving sustainable solutions that are ideal to readers’ situation. Here, you will see interesting pieces of content regarding the different issues that revolve around risk data elements that affect IT.

Our Mantra

Zero Point Risk stands by the belief that safety is one of the most important things to consider in the cyber space. As we move towards a more advance,  way of living, new complications arises. We want to become a threshold of ideas that will help offset these negative issues, which causes more difficulties. With this being said, we hope to become the leading hub for information on such matter.

Why We Care

We want to address the difficulties present circumstances bring. We realize that things are different now and that people must change the way they carry out their daily tasks. We see ourselves as an entity that can help and our principles, as a company is built upon such ideology.