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FFIEC Keynote Addresses Emerging Cloud Risk, Organized Crime, Compliance Connecting the dots between organized crime, terrorist financing, narcotics trafficking, trade secret theft, human trafficking, money laundering, social media, mobile media, and cloud computing illustrate an emerging, disturbing trend: the progression of increased regulatory, legal, financial, reputation, and cascading risk. Please click here for the full [...]

Yale Security Breach Reveals Data About Students and Staff:

Hackers Post 1M Danish Government Business Records to Net:

Google Sued in Massachusetts for Scanning Emails Sent To Gmail Account:

Mass. Appeals Court Allows Suit by Man Who Volunteered DNA Sample, Wants Genetic Profile Destroyed:

France Introduces Data Security Breach Notification Requirement for Electronic Communication Service Providers:

New Worm Morto Using RDP to Infect Windows PCs:

Blogger’s Note 1:  I have no knowledge of what level of awareness training RSA may have performed (if any). Blogger’s Note 2:  Please excuse me ahead of time for any foul language I may use herein   8/26/11 7:36am Dennis Fisher at ThreatPost released an article entitled “Researchers Discover File Used to Hack RSA”  ( [...]

Researchers Discover File Used to Hack RSA:

Stealing ATM PIN Numbers Using a Thermal Camera Is Too Freaking Easy:

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