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Does the arrest and sentencing of Justin Franchi Solodz of the Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) serve as an indicator that E.L.F. is engaging in new forms of direct action? Solodz was sentenced in China for manufacturing illegal drugs. As noted in a prior blog entry today, there may be a relationship between the drug manufacture and the funding of direct action against E.L.F. targets.

If this is the case, it may mean that E.L.F. is evolving into a different type of terrorist organization, one that may target different assets than it has in the past. Given that Solodz was in China and was involved in drugs, it would not be unheard of that his organization could quite easily move into the theft of information, including intellectual property and trade secrets. The linkage here is not clear, but it may be argued successfully that E.L.F. is a loose confederation of cells lacking cohesion, management, and structure.

As noted in the prior blog, there are differences of opinion among E.L.F. members about what direct action against its targets is appropriate. It is believed that a number of E.L.F. members are educated and may hold jobs in information-rich companies and have access to personal information, health data, intellectual property and trade secrets. This information has financial value and may have interest to many in E.L.F. who could sell the information to raise funds to support operations and direct action. While in this case this is speculation, other terrorist groups around the world are employing such tactics.

- MacDonnell Ulsch

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