Privacy Policy

Given that we want to become a hub of information to address the many issues associated with risks in information technology, we see your security as a main priority. We wish to provide you with the best readership experience. In line with this, we want to establish an interactive environment that will further stimulate learning and make the process of it more interesting for our readers. Employing such strategy will not only make establishing good relationships with our readers possible, but will put us in a position to become your preference for inquiries regarding IT risk management.

Stated in the succeeding parts of this page are some polices that cover all aspect of our website. As we prioritize your security, we want to ensure that you understand our protocol in the exchange of information that may take place in the future. These set of rules will help us keep you safe and prevent any inconvenience you may experience.


As we aspire for a safe way of interaction, we strongly oppose the utilization of web cookies that can track your browsing activities.

Personally Identifiable Information

As much as possible, we refrain from collecting any personal information unless such is done voluntarily. We are strict in implementing confidentiality and utilization of any information we receive shall only be for the purpose of sending updates, responding to feedback and processing of requests.

External Links

In compliance with out promise of providing you with the best readership experience, External links shall be provided for supplementary information. Such policies these sites may uphold, however, does not reflect our belief. Because of this, we want to stress the importance of reviewing their privacy policies prior to any action that relates to sharing any personal information.