ISIS Wages War Online Against US Troops and their Families

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 4:58am by Admin

SoldiersThe online community is at peril once again as an online group has recently pledged its allegiance with the ISIS. This new group, Islamic State Hacking Division posted, published personal information of 100 US soldiers including their names, addresses and pictures of their families. The motif behind such action is to encourage “ISIS sympathizers” to attack the families.

According to U.S. law enforcers, hackers were able to breach through military database, which enabled them to leak the information online. The possibility of lone-wolf attacks in the country is something that they are not taking lightly. In fact, upon such information reached their intelligence team, they have immediately contacted the troops and their families, warning them to be vigilant.

A woman who is married to one of the 100 troopers whose information was hacked stepped forward and relayed her fear. According to her, she is more concerned about the welfare of her children than her own. Because of this, she immediately went online and deleted information, which may assist in the attackers plan. She stayed up all night, deleting every picture and posts that are associated with them. She even went to her car and removed a military decal situated in front of her window

She stated in an interview that she’s always been prudent on how she carries out herself as a Special Force’s wife. She maintained a conservative stance as showing off to much puts not only her life but her children’s life in jeopardy as well.

Law enforcers in the United States suggest that there have never been cases of major cyber breach by Pro-ISIS hackers, but experts are concerned about their growing capability. According to the co-author of “ISIS: the State of Terror, J.M. Berger, “There are indications some former members of Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN (another hacking group) are now hacking on behalf of ISIS.”

Concerning this week’s cyber-attack towards the US troops, a spokesperson of the Marine Corps stated that they are doing everything in order to ensure everything’s on check.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service already warned the marines named in the file, but the threats are still in the process of verification.

The Navy stressed the importance of confidentiality and encouraged service members to limit posting any information, which bad elements can use against them.

The Department of Defense stated on Sunday that it could not verify the validity of the act done by the ISIS sympathizing group. The FBI also raised questions regarding the credibility of the person who posted it.