What People Can Expect As Paralegals in 2015

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

Paralegal TrendsParalegals, or those who aspire to become paralegals, can expect a rewarding career in the near future. Recent studies suggest that there will be positive trends to look forward to this year. Here are some of the things people may encounter by taking a paralegal career now:

Flexible education

People, especially the working professionals, will have more access to paralegal education. Most paralegal schools in Chicago have online courses and education materials in different formats to accommodate those with busy schedules. The various platforms make paralegal education and certification easier and more affordable as a result.

More employment

The demand for paralegals continues to rise in various industries.  Findings from the Bureau of Statistics showed that paralegal employment would increase by 17% from 2012 to 2022, considerably higher than other occupations. Law firms, fix gps signal not found pokemon go governments and even corporations hire more paralegals to improve their operations while lowering operational costs at the same time.

Opportunities due to offshoring

Paralegals may have more job opportunities due to the rise of legal process outsourcing firms. Some foreign companies will outsource legal professionals to perform various kinds of legal work.This doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be fewer jobs for paralegals in the US, however. They can have the bulk of employment as long as they offer quality services at competitive rates.

Salary raise

There’ll be an increase in salary for paralegals in the future. The Robert Half Legal 2015 Salary Guide revealed that the average starting salaries for legal professionals in the US will increase by 3.4% in 2015. In addition, those with 4-6 years of experience may have a 4.5% raise of average starting salary, which may range from $55,750 to $73,000 annually.

Paralegals will never run out of opportunities when it comes to education, employment or income. With these findings, perhaps those who aspire to have an alternative legal career will have more reasons to become paralegals.