When Your Wife Cheats on You: What to Do

Posted on Oct 31 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

Relationship Problem Cases in St. George, UtahMany marriages end up in divorce or worse, violent crimes of passion, when infidelity comes into the picture. It is one thing to learn that you are getting divorced because of financial problems. But to go your separate ways because your wife cheated on you is something that is ego-bruising.

Why do Spouses Cheat?

Unfortunately, for you, one of the most likely reasons why your wife cheated is that she has an emotional need that you failed to fulfill. Sadder still is the greater likelihood that she found this emotional fulfillment from somebody else.

In many of the qualitative studies focusing on why women cheat on their partners, unmet needs rank high among those who have not been entirely honest with their partners.

What to Do When Your Wife Cheats on You

Conventional wisdom will tell you to confront your wife together with her lover. Get good lawyers in St. George, Utah and sue them for adultery. If you had it your way, you would rather see them black and blue rather than spend some time behind bars.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. The criminal justice system prevents you from harming those that may have caused you emotional pain. The thing is the justice system exists primarily because it needs to dispense justice in a fair and equitable manner.

In dealing with a cheating wife, it is best to stay objective and refrain from putting too much emotions in your judgment, which can be detrimental in the long run.

  • Recognize and accept the fact that your wife’s infidelity has nothing to do with your worth as a person. While it may be true that you have neglected her emotional needs, it does not make you less of a person.
  • Determine what is wrong with your wife. You don’t need a shrink to tell you what is wrong but you need to be more sensitive to what really is going on in her life as a person and as your partner in life.
  • Determine what is wrong with your relationship and if this can still be remedied or not anymore.

The whole idea about dealing with a cheating partner is to be as objective as you possibly can. Hard as it may sound, it is counterproductive if you put your personhood into the equation. There is nothing wrong with you as a person and that should not, in any way, lower your self-esteem.