Easing the Effects of Birth Injury Caused By Medical Negligence

Posted on Dec 14 2015 - 5:06am by Admin

BirthPregnancy is undeniably one of life’s most rewarding gifts. But when childbirth takes a tragic turn, it will change you and your child’s lives forever. Unfortunately, birth injuries are a common occurrence even in a medically advanced country, such as the United States.

Of every 1,000 infants born in the country, eight are born with a birth injury. That means about 1 in every 9,714 people in the US are born with a birth injury.

In addition to immediate complications, some birth injures will have lifelong consequences that will require rehabilitation, surgeries, and additional care.

The Holistic, Life-Changing Damages of Birth Injury

Tyronelaw.com says children with birth injury may suffer from cognitive, emotional, physical disabilities, depending on the nature of the injury.

To meet the child’s needs, families will get assisted care, special schooling, and physical and rehabilitative therapy. In some cases, families will have to modify their everyday schedules and structure of their living space to accommodate and adjust to the child’s disability.

This can cause a major dent in your finances, in addition to the anxiety, frustration, and stress. Rehabilitative services, medical assistance, and customization of your space will cause thousands of dollars, if not more.

As if the financial repercussion isn’t bad enough, the emotional toll can affect every member of the family, making the injury a point of contention and potentially tearing your family apart.

Seeking Justice and Getting Your Life Back on Track

Many birth injury cases are a result of medical negligence. That’s why we have laws against medical negligence.

The emotional stress mainly comes from the anticipation not being able to provide for your child’s needs. Adequate compensation for current and future medical and rehabilitative expenses significantly reduces the financial and emotional burden of consequent damages.

If you believe your child is a victim of medical negligence, filing a claim under the guidance of a birth injury attorney is the right move. Although it won’t undo what’s done, the compensation can cushion the long-term damages of birth injury.