Getting Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering After a Car Accident

Posted on Oct 26 2015 - 2:20am by Admin

Car AccidentGetting injured following a car accident, or any personal injury case, may cause you to suffer numerous losses. You also have to deal with pain and suffering. The loss can be so extensive that damages for pain and suffering may constitute the largest portion in any claim settlement.

This may only be proper, since pain and suffering is a loss that you may have to bear for the rest of your life. Car accident injury attorneys in Utah say you should receive proper compensation, especially because the impact usually goes beyond the physical.

Pain and Suffering Damages

This type of damage is a non-economic loss, since you can’t determine the actual amount of loss in terms of dollars, unlike medical expenses and lost wages.

This can be subjective and may include the physical, mental, and emotional distress you sustained from the car accident.

In addition to receiving compensation for the actual physical pain resulting from broken bones or serious trauma, you may be entitled to damages for the anguish, stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and even embarrassment you experienced due to the injury.

Determining Your Pain and Suffering Losses

Since there are no receipts to show actual costs, determining pain and suffering losses may not be so simple. Courts and insurance companies use a number of methods in fixing the amount for the damages. Commonly used are the multiplier method, per diem method, and estimation of the general cost.

Due to its subjective nature, you need to prove pain and suffering to the court or to opposing parties, such as insurance companies. For this you may have to rely on the skills, knowledge, and experience of a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights.