He Hurt You, Now He’s Hurting the Kids

Posted on Nov 2 2015 - 1:26am by Admin

Child CustodyFact: your marriage was awful. A number of women leave their marriages because their husbands were abusive, neglectful, or just too dominant. After the divorce, you are finally free of his clutches.

Unfortunately, your children may not be.

The courts often compel children to have contact with both their parents because this is in their best interests. But what happens if you suspect your ex-spouse is now directing his neglect or abusive conduct at the children? What is your next step?

Keep Calm and Consider Carefully

Concerns regarding your child’s welfare are enough to think of an immediate solution for their own safety. Still, it is important that you restrain yourself from overreacting. If you see changes in the children indicating neglect or abuse, keep calm. It is difficult but it can help you think objectively.

Try not to assume immediately that your ex-spouse is directing his attitude towards the children. In some cases, the children express displeasure because they seek attention or are trying to know how you really feel. Be assertive and gather evidence once you recognize behavioral changes.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Once you confirm your suspicions, trust your instincts for the next step. You know how your husband treated you during the marriage; it is highly likely he will do the same to the kids. Divorce triggers different responses from children but you never know when those responses are signs of abuse.

It helps to ask your child about it. Do not interrogate them or ask lengthy questions that will prevent them from answering truthfully.

Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

Similar to your divorce, it is important to rely on professional legal advice. Work with a child custody attorney in Denver to ensure your child’s safety. Skilled attorneys are capable of asserting your case and recommending the best solution that prioritizes the children. It is best to work with an attorney who also handles matters involving Child Protection Services.

As a parent, it is your job to remain vigilant with your children. The thought of them suffering the same fate at their father’s hands is terrifying, but you can still do something. Trust your instincts and seek help immediately.