It’s Your Life, Not Theirs: Divorcing a Control Freak

Posted on Jan 7 2016 - 5:27am by Admin

DivorceDivorcing a spouse is difficult. It becomes more so when you are separating with a control freak.

Has your spouse always had the upper hand during your marriage? It is no wonder that his/her controlling behavior (and other factors) led to the end of the marriage. It is most likely that he/she will try to control the situation during your divorce proceedings.

In some cases, separating from a controlling spouse leads to a roundabout of restraining orders and closed access to finances. Fortunately, you need not be the underdog. All you have to do is to perfect these strategies in divorcing a control freak:

Set Limitations to His/Her Control

The decision to move on starts with you. To break free from the toxic cycle of dominance, do not give your spouse the chance to undermine you once again.

For example, if you share a joint account, create your own for your own privacy. In some extreme cases, it pays to cut personal communication for the time being. If your future ex-spouse needs information from you, ask him/her to text someone in your support system.

Always Have a Support System recommends surrounding yourself with friends and family members during this trying time. You need other people not only for the emotional support, but also for protection. Some controlling spouses will do anything to reach or harm their partner. When they see you surrounded by others, you lessen the risks of unprecedented meet-ups.

Your support system can also serve as your means of communication during the proceedings. They can pass information you or your spouse needs to know without any confrontation.

Move Immediately, if You Can

Living with a controlling spouse during the proceedings can be a recipe for disaster, especially if he/she is abusive. Rather than argue endlessly and submit yourself to your spouse’s dominance, it is best to find a new place and move.

Moving gives you the freedom you need, as well as your first step to a fresh start. It also opens numerous opportunities minus the worry concerning your spouse.

Your life is no longer the business of your future ex-partner. Do not subject yourself to his/her controlling attitude. Instead, remember that you have the right to respect. Stand up for yourself and place healthy boundaries for your sake.