A Lawyer’s Perspective on Marijuana and Marriage

Posted on Sep 18 2015 - 12:00am by Admin

LawyerIt’s a far-fetched issue, but when Colorado legalized marijuana, it got lawyers talking. Family lawyers are the ones with the most to say, as they deal with cases that could encompass pot use. Problems are one of the biggest reasons that drive people to using substances, and divorce is as big as any quandary anyone could face.

In all corners of Colorado, from Denver to Colorado Springs, divorce attorneys have enough to handle. There are the big two, custody and property division. Then, each case also has its specifics, making it trickier for lawyers to get the best results for their clients. Even though legal now, pot use will have an undeniable effect on people now that they can freely use it.

Focusing on the Positives

Debating if marijuana use is legally justifiable is pointless now. All people can do is trust the system, and hope that they know how to make the most out of this new law. Today, many see marijuana business as a potentially successful venture. Man or woman, anyone can become a dealer, albeit legally.

When there are children, some parents are wary in exposing them in pot use. But when a spouse, former or current, decides to open a marijuana business, it can affect the dimension of the marriage. A major publication highlighted how the government will make it easier for pot business owners to operate and its dangers, too.

Facing Current Issues

The biggest concerns of divorce lawyers are usage and exposure. If it becomes a habit, it may hinder a spouse to perform his or her duties. Furthermore, the problem can be as simple as staying sober in normal functions. In many cases, if the other spouse doesn’t approve of open use of marijuana, it leads to heated discussions. In the end, constant fighting may deteriorate the relationship between couples.

Yet, its biggest danger is for children. Colorado consents use on adults, and prematurely exposing kids to pot could lead to consequences. More often than not, this is where the brunt of the debate circles when it comes to marijuana.

Maybe people should be open to accepting marijuana as a recreational substance, like beer and wine are. But it’s the early days and not many can make that transition easily. It’s a long shot, but legal assistance can be of help in pot-related problems.