Criminal Defence: How to Prepare for Your Day in Court

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 7:09am by Admin

Criminal Defence in PerthIt may be the most traumatic moment in your life when you learn that a criminal case has been filed against you — that is, until the police arrive and arrest you. Whether you are guilty of the charges or not, an experience like this can have a lasting effect on your peace of mind and confidence. It may also hurt your reputation, both professionally and personally. To make matters a bit easier and a lot less mortifying, here’s what you should do.

Prepare and know in advance

If you suspect that a criminal case has been filed against you, waiting for the police to arrive is not the best way to handle this. Call the authorities where you suspect a case may have been filed and ask if there is indeed a case against you.

Retain a lawyer

After getting the confirmation that you are indeed the defendant in a case, call a criminal defence lawyer in Perth immediately. You may think it’s all right to represent yourself, especially if you believe you are innocent, but an attorney’s experience and knowledge is important especially in a criminal case, according to an expert from Timpano Legal.

Don’t run

You could put yourself and your loved ones in danger, and damage your reputation and chances of going free early. The police will do what they can to arrest you, and things don’t happen the way they do in the movies, where the hero hides and manoeuvres his way to justice toward the end. The prudent choice is to call your lawyer and have them arrange for a voluntary surrender so the authorities don’t have to pick you up at your house or place of work. Doing this may work in your favour, as it suggests to the authorities and the judge that you are not a flight risk. They may let you go home to wait for your day in court (even without bail, depending on your case).

Being accused of a crime isn’t your happiest of days, but you can make it better or worse depending on your disposition. Call a lawyer and discuss your options; time is of the essence.